Spring Kick Off Meeting Presentation & March Directors Message

Happy March Everyone!

As I sat typing this message yesterday, it felt like spring out there.
It was sunny and in the low 60s.
All the snow except the biggest plow piles was melting away.
What a day!
Of course all I could think about was getting out there and kicking the ball around and playing great soccer.

Even though I’m distracted by the weather, I wanted to take this opportunity to go a little deeper on something I touched on briefly in our presentation.  There is a link to the presentation at the end of this message if you missed it and want to check it out, or if you just didn’t get enough of it on Sunday.

We’re working hard to develop a culture of service and mentorship among the players in our club. I’m happy to share that we launched the first part of that yesterday when we asked our older players to work with our younger teams as mentors. At our mid-week training sessions, our mentors will be working closely with our younger players to help teach those basic skills that set them up for success with soccer. During our weekend games, our mentors will be the “referees” on the field, helping to teach our youngest players the rules of the game and role modeling great sportsmanship. That’s more of the deep fun Matt mentioned; working together to accomplish something bigger.

I’ll see you all out there,