Board of Directors

AUSC Board of Directors

PresidentMatt Neffinger
● Board Chair – Presides at all meetings. Subject to the control of the Board of Directors.
● Program Director – Works with Director of Coaching to create and manage the club program.
● General supervision, direction, and control of the Club business and officers.
● Oversees all committees.
● The main point of contact with the VSA and attends all official VSA meetings.
● Ensures proper management, financial stability, and continued growth of AUSC.
● With the Board of Directors creates the Club vision.

Vice President: Chris Coffey
● Acts in the absence of the President with the same authority
● Team Manager Coordinator – Works and trains team managers to ensure proper team organization and communication
● Parent Liaison – Main point of contact for parents for club-related issues. Reports parents’ issues to the Board.
● Scholarships, and overseeing the volunteer aspect related to those scholarship players.

Secretary: Arnela Lander
● Keeps minutes of Club meetings.
● Maintains the official records of Club meetings.
● Creates meeting agendas and disburses to all Board members.
● Responsible for general communications to all Board members.
● Receives Club mail and directs it to the appropriate member.

Treasurer: Tim Hunt
● Maintains accounts of the organization’s properties and business transactions, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, capital, receipts, disbursements, gains, losses surplus, and other accounts.
● Deposits all money in the name of and to the credit of the organization at least monthly.
● Disburses funds of the organization according to the annual budget approved by the Board of Directors.
● Provides financial reports at the Board of Directors meetings.
● Renders to the Board of Directors, whenever requested, an account of transactions and the financial condition of the Club.
● Works with an accountant to file annual tax returns.
● Maintains all corporate records and ensures good standing with the State of Vermont.
● Maintains financial records in GotSoccer, and sends out invoices when registration payments are past due. Reports past due registrants to the Board.

Regional Members:
David Turner (Middlebury)

● Represent the interests of their communities as part of the AUSC Board of Directors.