Fall 2022 15-Minute Soccer Challenge

The Challenge

Complete this 15-minute soccer skills challenge ten times in the next three weeks for a chance to win free gear from the Addison United Club Store! All ages are welcome!

Track your progress in the Drill Chart. Print the chart at the bottom of this page, download and print a PDF of the drill chart, or make your own.

Each time you complete the challenge, fill in the date and have someone (like a parent or guardian) verify that you did it. Submit a scan or picture of the player’s drill chart by October 19th, 2022, to info@addisonunitedvt.com with the Subject: “Soccer Challenge.”

We will randomly select two winners on October 21st, 2022 who will receive their choice of item from our Addison United Club Store (limited to items $70 or less).


  • 7 “cones” in a line spaced 3 feet apart (They don’t need to be cones, you can use shoes, water bottles, fruits, rocks, whatever you have.)
  • One “rep” is to move between each set of cones for a total of 6 moves, then circle around the end cone.
  • One “set” is eight reps. There are nine sets you need to complete each session, below.

The Skills

Each title is a link to a YouTube video demo of the skill.

1) Right Foot In-N-Out

One set (Eight reps) weaving in between the cones with only the right foot, using the inside of the foot and then the outside.

Tip: Make small touches, so you don’t zig-zag too far from the cones

2) Left Foot In-N-Out

One set repeat with the left foot.

3) Both Feet In-N-Out

One set using both feet.  The sequence should go as follows as you walk down the middle of the lines of cones:

  1. outside of the left foot to move across the cone
  2. inside of the left foot to bring it back
  3. outside of the right foot to move across the next cone
  4. inside of the right foot to bring it back.

4) Right Foot Roll-Chop

One set.

  1. Push the ball through the cones with the outside of the right foot
  2. then pull the ball back with the ball of your right foot
  3. then trap with your left foot.

5) Left Foot Roll-Chop

One set repeating with the left foot pushing and pulling back and right trapping.

6) Right Foot Pull-Push

One set. Face the gap in between the cones.  Move the ball forward with the inside of your foot, and then pull the ball back with the sole of your foot.  Then trap with the inside of your foot.

Tip: Turn sideways and open up your hips.

7) Left Foot Pull-Push

One set repeating with the left foot.

8) Right Foot Pull-Flick

One set. Pull the ball back with your right sole, then hit the ball behind your left leg in between the cones.  Then pull the ball back through the cones with your left sole.

9) Left Foot Pull-Flick

One set repeating with the left foot.

Drill Chart

Completed By (Name): __________________________________