Directors Message – Jan 2020

Hello and Happy New Year!

What an exciting last couple of weeks here at Addison United.
We’ve started our Winter Training program on Sundays at VUHS, Advanced Training is up and going at Beeman Elementary on Wednesday evenings, we’ve got 3 teams playing Futsal, and 4 teams playing in their first event of the year. this coming weekend. Whew!

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve gone in a little bit different direction with our training shirts this year. They are nice and bright, hopefully so bright they fill our souls with a little sunshine and keep us pushing through these short days of the year. We’ve also gone away from the names and numbers on the backs, and the club shield on the front – favoring instead a more simple design that says exactly who we are at a glance. Addison UNITED!

Our players come from all around Addison County. They come from a host of Elementary, Middle and High schools, playing for different coaches with different styles and expectations.
When they step on the to field together, we ask them to leave those rivalries behind. We ask them to be UNITED.

UNITED in purpose and energy, working to help each other become the best players we can be.
UNITED we sweat together.
UNITED we attack together.
UNITED we defend together.
UNITED we lose together.
UNITED we win together!

Going forward you’ll see all of our teams play with a UNITED style of play and philosophy, across our whole age range, boys and girls.

Our UNITED philosophy has three pillars:

ENERGETIC – We’re focused on being the first to every ball and exciting to watch.
QUIK PASSING – We get quickly into dangerous attacking situations to unbalance our opponents and create goal-scoring chances.
FEARLESS GOING TO GOAL – We take every chance to score!

Our expectations for all of our players are simple. Work their hardest to be the best player they can be every time they step on the field, and by working their hardest to push their teammates to be their best as well.

As always, please feel free to get in touch. After spending time teaching soccer to your wonderful children, my second favorite part of the job is hearing from all of you parents.

I hope to see you all soon,