Board of Directors

Matt Neffinger, President

Chris Coffey, Vice President & Parent Liaison

Tim Hunt, Treasurer

[OPEN] Acting: Josh Romond, Secretary

David Turner, Regional Member

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There are also many other projects that need attention that does not require you to have the knowledge and skill of the sport or need you to be involved throughout the season.  You can plan to help when you have the time in an area of your expertise or liking.  Volunteer

Please contact us at for a copy of the agenda for our meetings. The agenda will be drafted by the Monday before the meeting.  And, the meeting minutes will also be made available on the Friday after the meeting.

If you do plan to join us, please check this page for any cancellations or date, time, or place changes:  Board meeting info

AUSC Board of Directors & Staff Position Descriptions


PresidentMatt Neffinger
● Board Chair – Presides at all meetings. Subject to the control of the Board of Directors.
● Program Director – Works with Director of Coaching to create and manage the club program.
● General supervision, direction, and control of the Club business and officers.
● Oversees all committees.
● Main point of contact with VSA and attends all official meetings.
● Ensures proper management, financial stability and continued growth of AUSC.
● With the Board of Directors, creates the Club vision.

Vice President: Chris Coffey
● Acts in the absence of the President with the same authority
● Team Manager Coordinator – Works and trains team managers to ensure proper team organization and communication
● Parent Liaison – Main point of contact for parents for club related issues. Reports parents’ issues to the Board.
● Scholarships, and overseeing the volunteer aspect related to those scholarship players.

Secretary: Josh Romond
● Keeps minutes of Club meetings.
● Maintains the official records of Club meetings.
● Creates meeting agendas and disburses to all Board members.
● Responsible for general communications to all Board members.

Treasurer: Tim Hunt
● Maintains adequate and correct accounts of the properties and business transactions of the organization, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, capital; receipts, disbursements, gains, losses surplus and any other accounts.
● Deposits all moneys in the name of and to the credit of the organization at least monthly.
● Disburses funds of the organization pursuant to the annual budget approved by the Board of Directors.
● Provides financial reports at the Board of Directors meetings.
● Renders to the Board of Directors, whenever requested, an account of transactions and the financial condition of the Club.
● Works with an accountant to file annual tax returns.
● Maintains all corporate records and ensures good standing with the State of Vermont.
● Maintains financial records in GotSoccer, and sends out invoices when registration payments are past due. Reports past due registrants to the Board.
● Receives Club mail and directs it to the appropriate member.

Regional Members: David Turner
● Represent the interests of their communities as part of the AUSC Board of Directors.


Director of Coaching: [OPEN]
● Creates and implements a Club Program under the direction of the Board.
● Player Development – Creates and implements a training and game curriculum for all age groups, in line with the club vision (includes tournaments and youth recreation program).
● Coaching Development – Creates and implements a coach training program in line with the club’s vision. Recruits & supports coaches and provides educational opportunities to help them become better teachers of the game.
● Works with coaching staff on team composition and determines an appropriate level of competitiveness.
● Point of contact for players/families for coaching-related issues. Reports parents’ issues to the Board.
● Practice and Game fields – Works with coaches and Field Coordinator to schedule practice field locations and times.
● Review the VSA schedule and reports to VSA and coaches any scheduling conflicts.
● Works with the coaches and VSA to resolve scheduling conflicts.
● “Stacks” games on GotSoccer (assigns games to fields).
● Competition – Works with coaches to select tournaments and league competitions for all age groups. Register for tournaments.
● Provide coaches clinics before winter training.