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Addison United SC – Season Update!


Hi Everyone,

Big thanks to those of you who have sent videos and tagged us in your own Insta and Facebook soccer posts!  Keep them coming!

I wanted to give you a quick update on the season.

We’re still planning on having it!
(but on a delay)

Based on the current guidelines, we are unable to do any group activities, including practices, until May 1.  We hope we will be able to get outside and play that first weekend in May.

We do have some substantial updates to the schedule though.

For the U12 & older teams:
We will not be playing in the Saratoga May Day Kick-Off tournament on May 2-3.
The VSL will not start as planned in May.
With the uncertainty, the VSA is up in the air about what that might look like.
The high likelihood is that our “league play” will be in June & July, and maybe into August.
We are still planning to go to Green Mountain Challenge in Manchester in late June.

For ACSL (U8 & U10 groups):
We are still planning to move forward with our 6-8 week schedule, starting as soon as we can get outside.
Once we know for sure what that looks like, I will be in touch with details.

Please keep an eye on your email and our AUSC social media channels as we’ve got some fun stuff planned for these outlets.

We’re still looking forward to a great season, and will keep everyone up to date on the schedule as much as possible, and as soon as we have updates.

If, based on the current uncertainty surrounding everything from a schedule perspective, you are no longer interested in Addison United soccer this spring/summer, please get in touch.

One last important note.
We were recently notified by the VSA that a U16 boys player from one of the Chittenden County clubs that was playing futsal has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
He is doing fine, and currently not at risk for serious complications, but is being quarantined in his home. He wanted to pass on to everyone, particularly his peer players, that it is a big deal and anyone can get it or pass it on to others even if they don’t feel sick, so he asks that everyone stay out of public places and stay home. (If you have any questions about this, please get in touch)

Stay safe, stay healthy.
We’ll get through this together!

Hope to see you all May 1 or soon thereafter!


Chris George / Director of Coaching
Addison United SC


Addison United / VSA Suspends all activity now through APRIL 30th

Effective immediately, the Vermont Soccer Association is suspending all affiliated and sanctioned soccer activities statewide through April 30, 2020, due to the evolving COVID-19 situation. For our member organizations (towns, clubs, and leagues) this includes, but is not limited to: all games, practices, clinics, training, tournaments, in-person meetings, and Coaching Education Courses.

For further information, please go to:

We will have further information out to you all soon about how we hope to move forward with the soccer season (check your email and the website).

Thank you for your patience!

Stay healthy and happy!

UPDATE: Addison United – Suspending All Activities Through March 29th

Dear AU Community,

The Vermont Soccer Association has elected to suspend all Vermont Soccer activities until Sunday, March 29th.

The press release can be read here:

Don’t hesitate to email us with questions or concerns. We thank everyone for their patience and care during this evolving situation.

-Matt Neffinger
Addison United President

Suspending Hosted Activities Through March 27th

Dear AU Community,

As a precautionary measure, Addison United’s Board has decided to suspend all of our hosted soccer activities for the next two weeks (through Friday, March 27th).

Futsal Session 3 will continue at Far Post SC following their Covid-19 transmission reduction protocols, as recommended by the Vermont Department of Health. Please see their announcement for more details:

We will keep you apprised of any rescheduling or planned changes to AU activities.

We are working closely with other Vermont soccer clubs to prioritize player health. We urge you to listen to the expert guidance of local health and government organizations.

-Matt Neffinger
Addison United President

Futsal session 3, effective immediately!

Please read the following message from Far Post concerning future futsal games. We will keep you posted with new info as we receive it. Thank you, and stay healthy!

The Far Post Board of Directors and Club Leadership have been having ongoing meetings and consultations about the transmission of Covid-19 and how it may impact our operations. We have been consulting on a daily basis with the Vermont Department of Health (VDH), Center for Disease Control, Public Health Specialists and local government agencies to make the best decisions for our children and families during this concerning time. All decisions will be made with child safety top of mind. We are following all and every recommendation from public health experts in our area. Decisions can be difficult as balancing the wellbeing of children also requires us to consider if we can safely continue to offer some services so kids can play, be physically active and stay well in other ways. At this time, the VDH is not recommending that extracurricular activities be canceled. Please understand this is an ever-changing situation and our guidelines and decisions could change rapidly.


The following actions are being taken to reduce the chance of transmission of Covid-19 in our communities:

Indoor Events

Practices and futsal will continue for now. BUT we are asking parents, siblings, and others to stay out of the Expo center to the extent possible. PLEASE do not plan to watch futsal games or practices. Drop off or pick up your kids outside the Expo. We have been advised that limiting traffic on site is the best approach at this time. If your child has a gap between practice and a futsal game, please pick them up and take them off-site during this time. Please do not leave siblings on-site while other children play. We recognize this can prove difficult logistically but we need to make this change immediately. Basically, if you aren’t playing soccer, you should not be in the Expo Center.

Hand washing – Coaches will continue to ask kids to wash their hands before coming to the field. You can help emphasize this with your children.

You must keep your kids home if they have a runny nose or cough. Please do not put our coaches in a position where they have to ask kids to leave because of a cough. Anyone who is not 100% well, needs to stay home.

We are consulting with the Expo center to make sure cleaning practices are as vigilant as they can be.

We are working with Nordic Soccer to ensure we have a coordinated response since we share the same general space.

We will be postponing the March 28 Calcutta until a later date. If you have already purchased a ticket, it will be good when the event is re-scheduled. Additionally, the Kids Night Out Event held in conjunction with the Calcutta will be postponed.

We will be suspending the April 11 indoor Town Team Tournament.

Make the best decision for your child and family! If you have a child with underlying health issues, consult your physician and keep the child home. Or if you have contact with elderly people.

Emergency Protocol

The following procedure is effective immediately.

If a player/parent/coach who has contact with a team or our program in any way tests positive for Covid-19, we will immediately close our facility, contact the Vermont Department of Health Infectious Disease Team, and notify families. At that point, we would follow all instructions from the experts who would determine the scope of who may be impacted and quarantine/monitor those families. We would not re-open until the VDH tells us to resume activities. This is the same protocol most of our public schools are following at this time.

Please share this information with your teams. Thanks and I will be sure to update you all as soon as more information becomes available.

Jared Cipriano
Indoor League Manager
Far Post SC

Looking for player mentors to work with the U8s & U10s

A message from Chris George, Director of Coaching: 

I’m looking for player mentors to work with each team of our younger players (the U8s & U10s).

From a commitment perspective, it’s a couple hours a week.
You’d need to be there to help with their training sessions (which are scheduled before ours so will not conflict), and for their games on Saturdays.
You’ll also be working directly with an older, more experienced coach, so you won’t have to manage the team, just help out the kids in the learning process and help make it fun for them, and also be on the field with them during their games as “referees” which means, basically helping to teach them the rules of the game as they play and keeping the time.
That said, if you needed to miss every once in a while due to other commitments, that’s not a problem at all.

I’m hoping we have enough to match older boys with boys teams, and older girls with girls teams and I will work with each of you to match you up with the best fit teams so they are kids from your own town and the ages of kids you’re most interested in working with if at all possible.
Everyone who wants to mentor will get a team to work with. If we’ve got more mentors than teams, we’ll double or even triple you up.

This is for any and all of you who want to do it.
If however, you thought you might want to give back to the game in the future by being a coach, I highly recommend trying this out.

If you think back to when you were a little kid just starting to play, you might remember how cool it was that an older player was there to work with you and be there for you.
Trust me when I tell you, the little kids absolutely love working with older kids, they think you all are the coolest thing in the world.

I wish I had this kind of opportunity when I was a player your age, and I’m so excited to be able to offer it to you all.

Last but not least, I know you are all busy with school and many of you with spring school sports, so I completely understand if you aren’t interested or maybe you are but don’t have the time.
That’s perfectly OK. This is another opportunity for some good clean fun for anyone who wants to take advantage of it.

Please reply back to me individually or catch up with me whenever you see me if you have any questions, want to talk more about it, or to let me know you are in.
If you’re out, no response needed.

I’ll catch up with you all soon.
Many of you for futsal this week.

Until then, have fun and enjoy life.
You’re never getting another shot at today, so make it your best day ever.


Addison United Director’s Message – February 2020

Hi Everyone,

What a great time to play Addison United!

We’ve got a whole bunch of great events and programs coming up in the next couple of weeks.

I’m excited for my first Spring Kickoff Meeting as Director of Coaching on March 8 at VUHS from 3-5.

Session 2 of Advanced Training @ Beeman Elementary in New Haven on Wednesdays
Register Here:

Futsal starts for our older groups the first week of March and goes through Mid-April.

Our U12 groups are playing in the Summit Friendlies in Rutland in their first competitive events of the season on March 22.

And what a great time we had with our U12 groups at our very first (hopefully) annual Super Bowl FUNDay event.

There is never a dull moment!

As a coaching staff, we see that UNITED spirit grow each session as our players continue their hard work to be the best they can be.

Quick reminder to get your U8 & U10 players & their friends signed up for the inaugural season of the Addison County Soccer League. This is different than many of the programs we’ve offered in the past because it keep sour youngest players close to home here in Addison County for both practices and games, while they grow their soccer skills.

Have a great rest of your school vacation and see you all at the Spring Kick Off!



Sunday training schedule, 2/9

Schedule reminder for training this coming Sunday, 2/9.

ALL U12 Groups – 1:30-3
ALL U14 & Older Girls Groups – 3-4:30
ALL U13 & Older Boys Groups – 4:30-6

Reminder —-

Pink training jerseys, black shorts, black/white/green socks

See you Sunday!