Registration for the 2018 spring season was open August 14th – October 2nd.  After October 2nd new registrations were waitlisted and must pay a $25 late fee.  No new registrations are accepted on-line after November 27, 2017. 

If your player is still interested in playing the 2018 spring season, please contact us at info@addisonunitedvt.com to inquire about available placement.

Although AUSC places nearly 100% of all players registered, the following is to set expectations as it relates to “Waitlisted” players.

If you have registered your player on or after the date identified (October 2, 2017) on the website for the beginning of the waitlist period, then your athlete is added to the AUSC waitlist relative to registering to play AUSC 2018 spring soccer. This means that based on providing all necessary registration paperwork AND payment (including the applicable late fee) to AUSC, your child’s name has been placed on the waitlist in the priority such paperwork and payment have been received for their particular age bracket. The program works in the following manner:

  1. Your player has been added to the waitlist as a result of providing registration paperwork at or after the close of registration.
  2. Your child has been placed on the waitlist in the order of priority received for their particular age bracket.
  3. There is NO guarantee that a waitlisted player will be added to a team.
  4. AUSC reserves the right at ANY time up to mid-March, to process the paperwork and payment, and add your player to a team. In such case, the applicable coach will contact you about team specifics.
  5. A late fee had been added to your registration fee.
  6. There is NO prorated cost reduction for a partial season if the placement on a team occurs after the commencement of the season.
  7. If your registration paperwork is processed (meaning your player is placed on a team), there are NO refunds.
  8. The parents of the player must also recognize that once placed on a team, their uniform order will be processed and such uniform may take as long as 10 business days before it will be available for coach pick-up.
  9. AUSC is using the waitlist process to fill roster needs within already formed teams and potentially to form additional teams depending on the timing of the receipt of the waitlisted player as well as Club needs and limitations.
  10. For players on the registration waitlist and not placed on teams by mid-March, their paperwork and related payment will not be processed and discarded, and a full refund is provided.

***Waitlisted players should participate in Sunday practice at the VUHS through the winter season unless otherwise notified.  Assessment for proper team placement happens during this time.

***If a waitlisted player signed up for Winter Training at the Shelburne Field House, they  should participate.  Extra training builds skills.