Sunday, 1/26, training schedule reminder

Sunday, 1/26, training schedule reminder:

U12 groups – 1:30-3 PM
U14/16/18 Girls – 3-4:30 PM
U14/17 Boys – 4:30-6 PM

Players should all be in their pink training shirts, and AU colored shorts/socks.

Look UNITED, feel UNITED, play UNITED!

Quick clarification on training gear expectations…

Training Shirt – 2020 Pink – if you haven’t got one yet, Chris will have one for you when you come to training.

Shorts & Socks – AU colors are black shorts + black, green, or white socks.  Players who are returning to Addison United should have some combination of these, please wear them.  For players new to Addison United, if you have these colors, please wear them. If you don’t have these colors, wear what you have.

Game uniforms (including the shorts & socks) will be distributed at our club-wide meeting in early March.



If you’re a fan of soccer, past or current player, or just someone interested in staying healthy, the VSA State Referee Committee is currently certifying new referees. You can become a member of a special group of people who respect the game and want to actively participate in the most popular sport in the world.

Start by going to the Vermont Soccer Association website for more information including how to register for a course.

Directors Message – Jan 2020

Hello and Happy New Year!

What an exciting last couple of weeks here at Addison United.
We’ve started our Winter Training program on Sundays at VUHS, Advanced Training is up and going at Beeman Elementary on Wednesday evenings, we’ve got 3 teams playing Futsal, and 4 teams playing in their first event of the year. this coming weekend. Whew!

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve gone in a little bit different direction with our training shirts this year. They are nice and bright, hopefully so bright they fill our souls with a little sunshine and keep us pushing through these short days of the year. We’ve also gone away from the names and numbers on the backs, and the club shield on the front – favoring instead a more simple design that says exactly who we are at a glance. Addison UNITED!

Our players come from all around Addison County. They come from a host of Elementary, Middle and High schools, playing for different coaches with different styles and expectations.
When they step on the to field together, we ask them to leave those rivalries behind. We ask them to be UNITED.

UNITED in purpose and energy, working to help each other become the best players we can be.
UNITED we sweat together.
UNITED we attack together.
UNITED we defend together.
UNITED we lose together.
UNITED we win together!

Going forward you’ll see all of our teams play with a UNITED style of play and philosophy, across our whole age range, boys and girls.

Our UNITED philosophy has three pillars:

ENERGETIC – We’re focused on being the first to every ball and exciting to watch.
QUIK PASSING – We get quickly into dangerous attacking situations to unbalance our opponents and create goal-scoring chances.
FEARLESS GOING TO GOAL – We take every chance to score!

Our expectations for all of our players are simple. Work their hardest to be the best player they can be every time they step on the field, and by working their hardest to push their teammates to be their best as well.

As always, please feel free to get in touch. After spending time teaching soccer to your wonderful children, my second favorite part of the job is hearing from all of you parents.

I hope to see you all soon,


Sunday Training, 1/19 @ VUHS

Updated: Sunday Training, 1/19 @ VUHS


U12 Girls – 1:30-3 (all with Coach Reeves)
U12 Boys – 1:30-3 (with Coach Kevin and Coach Zach)
U14 Girls – 3-4:30 (with Coach Leda)
U14 Boys – 3-4:30 (With Coach Chris and Coach David)

GK Training Schedule (with Zoe)

U14 GKs 130-3
U12 GKs 3-430

GKs should train with their teams at the normal training times as well.

Good luck to all of our teams competing @ QC Winter Classic @ Shelburne Fieldhouse
Check in with your coaches/team managers for schedules.

U16 Girls – SUNDAY
U17 Boys – SUNDAY
U18 Girls – SUNDAY

Drive safe out there!!!

UPDATE – AU Sunday Training

UPDATE – AU Sunday Training

All Goalkeepers are invited to come train with Zoe Cassels-Brown 1:30-3 PM, while the U12 group is training.

Schedule reminder for all U12-18:

1:30 – 3 PM – ALL U12 teams (and Goal Keepers)
3 – 4:30 PM – GIRLS, U14-U18
4:30 – 6 PM – BOYS, U14-U18

See you Sunday, 1/5!

Registration payments due!

Hello, parent of an Addison United soccer player!

Just a friendly reminder that your payment is due.

We require the $50 deposit to be paid upon registration, with the balance due prior to March 1, 2020.  If the deposit is still unpaid on Dec 31, 2019 then the registration will be canceled.

If you are considering applying for a scholarship application please do so immediately as scholarship funds are limited. You can get the scholarship packet on the web site here:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Andrew Dombek – Treasurer:

2020 Sunday Practice schedule, starts 1/5

2020 Sunday Practice Schedule:

Indoor at the Vergennes Union High School MS and HS gym –

For players 11 and older (birth year 2008 and older) we will train on Sundays at VUHS, as AU has done in the past. The times will also be similar as they have been in the past.

  • U12-18 teams start January 5th.
  • Practices held at the Vergennes Union High School in the HS and MS gyms.
  • Please enter the school at the main HS gym entrance. All other entrances will be locked for safety.
  • For players 11 and older (birth year 2008 and older) we will train on Sundays at VUHS, as AU has done in the past. The times will also be similar as they have been in the past.
    • 12:30-1:30 PM – All Coaching Staff
    • 1:30-3:00 PM – Group 1 – ALL Boys & Girls, birth years 2008-2009
    • 3:00-4:30 PM – Group 2 – Girls, birth years 2002-2007
    • 4:30-6:00 PM – Group 3 – Boys, birth years 2002-2007
  • The winter program will be highly focused on improving all players’ comfort on the ball and skill in tight spaces, small areas, and awareness in small groups.

December’s Director’s message

Hi Everyone –

Best wishes this holiday season from everyone at the Addison United family to you and your family.

A big thank you to everyone who has registered so far. I’m so excited to meet everyone and get working together in January.

As many of you know Session 3 of Futsal is included in our team fees.
That said, registration for Session 2 of Futsal is now open for players who are interested in more Futsal. We have a few teams currently playing in Session 1 and doing quite well. Session 2 is open to any AU player at a cost of $85 if they would like to play. If you are interested in playing in Session 2, please let me know as soon as possible so we can start putting the futsal teams together. The session runs from early January to Mid February with playing days: U14 boys Monday, JV & HS boys Tuesday, U14, JV & HS girls Thursday, U10 & 12 Boys and Girls Friday.

As you all know we work hard to keep team fees as low as possible. One of the ways we are able to do so and help offset some of our costs is by working with some of our partners to offer great AU team gear and unique items for purchase.
We have a fully stocked team store at –
and Reed Prescott, a local artist, is offering unique AUSC ornaments at his Etsy store –

In the next week or so I will be sending along some more team-specific info to everyone to help provide some more details on this coming season for each team. We’re not done adding players yet, so if you know anyone else interested in learning more about what we’ve got going on here at AU this year, please get them in touch with me.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon, and as always please call, text, or email any time.

Happy Holidays!


Chris George
Director of Coaching
Addison United

(802) 777-2352

AU Director’s Message – November 2019

Hi Everyone,

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Our ghosts and goblins have gone back into hiding for the year. We’re only a few short weeks from Thanksgiving and the start of our end of the year holiday times..and of course coming up on the beginning of the Addison United year!
I’m buzzing in anticipation as I look forward to meeting you all this winter as we start working together to be the best coaches and players we can be. This year is going to be fun, and I’ve never been this excited about getting to work!

If you haven’t yet registered, please do so as soon as you have the few minutes to spare. Here is the link to our registration page.

I’d like to take a moment to address some common questions about this coming year.


Indoor –
For players 11 and older (birth year 2008 and older) we will train on Sundays at VUHS, as AU has done in the past. The times will also be similar as they have been in the past.
Here is the preliminary schedule, which might change a little bit once everyone is registered. Though this has not been finalized yet, I wanted to give you an all a rough idea of when you might be training. We will be able to share the final schedule early in December.
130-3 – All players birth years 2008-2009
3-430 – All GIRLS birth years 2004-2007; All BOYS birth years 2006-2007
430-6 – All GIRLS 2001-2003; All BOYS 2001-2005

The winter program will be highly focused on improving all players’ comfort on the ball and skill in tight spaces, small areas, and awareness in small groups.

Outdoor –
We will finalize the outdoor schedule in mid-march.
Our U12 teams will be as community-based as is possible.

Coaching Staff –
We are finalizing that now, but again this is dependent on having everyone registered.
I’m committed to getting the best fit for the coaching staff for each team and will be coaching at least 2 teams myself.

League play + tournaments –
We will make these decisions and share them with you soon after the registrations are finalized. We, as a coaching staff, need to get an idea of the capabilities and goals of each group so we can register them appropriately. Our goal is to provide a fun experience for the players to grow their skills and build confidence, allowing them to develop into the best players they can possibly be while getting the teams as many opportunities for competition as possible.

I’ve gotten quite a few phone calls and emails so far and I’ve enjoyed talking to everyone who has reached out. Keep them coming.

Another joy of working with Addison United is the incredible people we call neighbors. A local artist, Reed Prescott, has handcrafted some wonderful and unique holiday ornaments and is generously donating the portion of the sales to Addison United as a fundraiser. They can be ordered easily from his ETSY store for shipping directly to you. I’ve got one on my list included in my letter to the North Pole and I’m hoping Santa Claus will come through and drop one in my stocking!
Check them out here:

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Here’s that registration link again – and please forward this along to anyone else who might be interested in AU!

Talk to you soon,