Uniforms & Required Equipment

Addison UNITED official uniform

Uniform Policy:ausc_logov2

Addison UNITED Soccer Club Uniform Policy for all Players and Coaches – In October 2015, Addison United Soccer Club (AUSC) redesigned its logo.  As AUSC moves forward, we have implemented these changes to create greater unity within the Club.  Requests to add sponsors must be approved by the AUSC Board.

AUSC players must wear the complete official uniform kit for the season.  Players may not wear shorts and socks that are the right color but are not part of the official uniform kit.

U12-19 Uniform colors:

Home:  White jersey, Black shorts, White socks

Away:  Green jersey, Black shorts, Green socks

Games and Tournaments:

Team Players –

  • Every player shall wear CLUB uniform (appropriate colors); shorts, socks, and proper jersey, at each game. The player will have socks pulled up, and shirts tucked in at all times from warm-up to the end of the game.  Soccer cleats correctly/tightly laced and shin guards on.
  • Injured/non-playing players shall have AUSC jersey on in order to stand/sit with the team on sidelines.


  • Every player shall wear their AUSC practice jersey.  Soccer cleats or sneakers/indoor soccer shoes correctly/tightly laced and shin guards on.

Team Coaches –

  • Team coaches and managers will wear AUSC logo shirt, jacket, or hat.


Uniform Provider:

The Club is using Soccer.com as our uniform provider.

As of the 2018 season, the Club will provide uniforms to all registered players, so all uniforms within our programs will be the same throughout the Club.  Our Uniform Coordinator will get uniform kits to Team Managers for distribution to players before the season begins to play.


If your player already had a number with Addison United, and if it was listed during registration, then we used that number in Soccer.com.  There were a few instances where players on the same team have the same number.  If this happens, the AU player with the number the longest retains the number, and the newer player was assigned a new number.  Any player without a number is assigned one.  We are unable to make any changes to jersey numbers.


There are size charts linked to each item.  Please check the Adidas sizing charts to be sure you specify the correct fit at registration:  http://www.adidas.com/us/help-section-size_charts.html


Soccer.com provides excellent customer service.  If you have any questions about the uniform kit or any other gear, please contact them directly at custserv@sportsendeavors.com or 1-800-950-1994.

Uniform Prices:

If you wish to purchase additional items for the season, please use the following links:

2020 spring uniform kit for U12-U19:

Required Equipment:

Players need to bring with them to all practices and games the following:

  • Water bottle
  • Soccer socks (both colors, games only)
  • Shin guards
  • Cleats and Sneakers/Indoor soccer shoes
  • Team shorts (games only)
  • Jerseys (both home and away, games only)
  • Practice jersey (all practices and tournaments)
  • Three season jacket or vest, rain gear, hat, and gloves (be prepared for changing weather)
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Healthy snack
  • A soccer bag for all the above items is most useful and can be filled in advance to prevent last-minute searches for specific items.