2016/17 Soccer Programs

Addison United Soccer Club and the Vermont Soccer League
Vermont soccer assoc

Vermont Soccer Association will be running the Vermont Soccer League starting the 2013-2014 season.

The Vermont Soccer League was formed in 2004 by the merger of the Champlain Valley Youth Soccer League and the Green Mountain Soccer League. The VSL includes 3 Divisions. Each division provides an opportunity for boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 19 to compete on a team against other teams of equal ability. The goal of the League is to provide opportunities to play soccer in a positive environment that promotes skill development, fair play, and good sportsmanship. All leagues start early May and end in June.

Addison United PREMIER Level Teams play Division 1&2, CLUB Level Teams play Divison 2. If we have a large number of registrations for a certain age, we may play a D3 team with the younger players in that group. Our overall goal is to play great soccer, promoting skills and sportsmanship while gaining game experience.

VERMONT SOCCER LEAGUE – Divisional Rules and Guidelines: https://usys-assets.ae-admin.com/assets/980/15/VSL%20DIVISIONAL%20RULES%20AND%20GUIDELINES%202015.pdf

Division One (D1)
Division 1 is the premier level of play in the Vermont Soccer League. The goal is to provide the highest level of play managed through specific qualification criteria for team participation. Clubs and teams competing at this level will have a commitment that parallels this level of play. This may include a more rigorous training approach, a more competitive atmosphere, and a more extensive travel schedule.

D1 is the qualifying league for participation in the Vermont Soccer Association (VSA) State Cup Championship that establishes the State Champion in each age bracket. Teams winning the State Cup are required to participate in the US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) Region 1 National Championship Series. Clubs entering teams in D1 should have the primary goal of representing Vermont in the Region 1 National Championship Series.

Division One B (D1B)
D1B is a subset of division one, and is for those teams that desire a higher level of competition without the commitment to participate in the State Cup.

Division Two (D2)
Division 2 provides a competitive level of play and is open to all member clubs whose teams match this level of play. While the commitment for D2 will include travel to communities that are generally within a 90-minute travel time, additional travel time may be expected for a small percentage of games. Training schedule is to be determined by the individual club or coach. VSL recommends two training sessions per week for teams competing in D2.

Practices will be held in Ferrisburgh, Bristol, or Vergennes, depending on our coaches availability. They will start in April as soon as the fields allow. We try to have practice twice a week. Games are usually on Sundays and may include travel up to 90 minutes. For those teams that have enough players to roster two teams, they will practice together at the same time and place.

Division Three (D3)

Division Three provides entry-level competition to travel team play and is open to all member Clubs. However, teams in D3 must be based on a town premised roster and be a match for this level of play. D3 is designed to serve as an introduction to competitive soccer. Clubs with teams that are not deep in experience or skills will have the opportunity to develop and grow while enjoying the spirit of the game. While the commitment for D3 includes travel to communities that are generally within a one-hour travel time additional travel time may be expected for a small percentage of the games scheduled. Training schedule is to be determined by individual Club or Coach, but VSL recommends at least one training session per week for teams competing in D3.

Addison United Soccer Club certified AT

Addison United Soccer Club is committed to injury prevention and treatment for all our soccer players. We introduced athletic training coverage this Spring 2016 at the Vergennes Union High School (VUHS). We have contracted with PT360 to provide certified AT (Certified Athletic Training) coverage for our soccer athletes twice a week. Service will be available twice a week during spring practice season.  A schedule will be posted on the AUSC website.

Services will primarily be consulting services for injury evaluation and assessments, concussion management, rehabilitation recommendations, and return to play decisions. Addison United athletes will only be permitted to see the certified AT during the allotted time. Please plan accordingly, when coming from another Addison United practice venue. The certified AT will communicate any visit/activity to the player’s coach. The coach will talk to the parent.

If parents wish to follow up with PT360 they can contact them directly. PT360 will provide general liability and professional liability for services rendered under the agreement, specifically all services of their PT360 certified AT.

If you do not wish for your child to be seen by our certified AT, please contact your coach.

Vermont Soccer League 2017 Spring Soccer – Game Schedule

The following link will provide the Vermont Soccer League 2017 Spring Soccer Game Schedule for all AUSC U8 – U16 teams.  Final D2/D3 schedules from Vermont Soccer Association due April 18th. Games will begin the weekend of April 29th & 30th. As soon as final schedules are released they will be published here.  Please check it frequently for time and location changes.  Vermont Soccer League Spring Soccer 2017 – game schedule

Spring Practice: Team / Coaches / Times / Fields:

*Link to coach, assistant, and manager information, practice place and times, and tournaments: AU Team Practice Master 2017

*Your coach or manager will let you know when practice will start outside.

U8 Coed / CLUB:  2 teams
Coach: Kareena Vorsteveld (kvorsteveld@bathfitter.com / 802-349-3601) and Julia Johnson (802-349-5110) – Monday and Wednesday, 6-7 PM, Ferrisburgh Central School

U10 Girls D2 / CLUB:
Coach: Dwight Irish (dwight.irish@yahoo.com / 802-453-2841) – Thursday, 6:15 – 7:30 PM, Ferrisburgh Central School & Saturday, 9-10:15 AM, Bristol Recreation field

U10A Boys D2 / CLUB:
Coach: Martha Davis (marthand@gmavt.net / 802-355-0026) – Monday & Thursday, 4:45-6 PM, Ferrisburgh Central School

U10B Boys D2 / CLUB:                                                                                                                              Coach: Ryan McEntee (firestar646@yahoo.com / 802-349-5811) – Monday & Thursday, 4:45-6 PM, Ferrisburgh Central School

U12 Girls D3 / CLUB:                                                                                                                                    Coach: Daisy Sosa (dsdr123123@yahoo.com / 631-833-1891), Assistant: Jason LeBeau (boomanoo@msn.com / 802-989-0621) – Tuesday & Thursday, 4-5:30 PM, Ferrisburgh Central School *No practice May 11th.

U12 Boys D2 / CLUB:
D2 Coach: David Croke (dcroke.vt@gmail.com / 802-309-7486) – Tuesday & Thursday, 5:45-7 PM, Ferrisburgh Central School & Saturday, 9-10 AM, Ferrisburgh Central School

U12 Boys D3 / CLUB:                                                                                                                           Coach: Desiree Cerratani (dcerretani13@yahoo.com / 802-681-8437) – Wednesday, 5-6:30 PM, Ferrisburgh Central School & Friday, 5-6:30 PM Middlebury Union Middle School

U12 Boys D1 / PREMIER:
Coach: Kevin Hayes (hayes122@myfairpoint.net / 802-349-9090), Assistant: Dan Gilbert (gilbertd@arriva.co.uk / 802-291-3502), Manager: Lynn Kayhart (lkayhart@anwsu.org /  802-989-8967) – Wednesday, 4:15-5:45, Ferrisburgh Central School & Friday, 5-6:30 PM, Middlebury Union Middle School

U14 Boys D3 / CLUB:
Coach: Jordan Stearns (jordanstrns@gmail.com / 802-881-9028), Manager: Lou McLaren (randylou@madriver.com / 802-578-1569) – Tuesday & Thursday, 6-7:30 PM, Middlebury Union Middle School

U14 Girls D2 / PREMIER:
Coach: David Turner (weylmanturner@icloud.com / 802-349-3014), Assistant: Adam Ginsburg, Manager: Sandra Lee (sleevenman@gmail.com) – Tuesday, 6-7:30, Middlebury Union Middle School & Wednesday, 6-7:30 PM, Vergennes Union High School & Thursday, 6-7:30 PM, Bristol Recreation field

U14 Boys D1 / PREMIER:
Coach: Ward Butler (ward_butler@miltoncat.com / 802-343-1011), Assistant: Brady Burgess (brady_burgess@yahoo.com / 802-771-7160), Manager: Jen Wyman (jen@basinharbor.com / 802-989-1104) – Tuesday & Thursday, 6-7:30 PM, Middlebury Union Middle School

U16 Girls D2 / CLUB: Coach: Peter Maneen (pmaneen@anwsu.org / 802-388-2204),         Manager: Jen Wyman (jen@basinharbor.com / 802-989-1104) – Wednesday & Thursday, 6-8 PM, Vergennes Union High School

U16 Boys D1 / PREMIER:
Coach: Jen Clark (jen.clark333@gmail.com / 802-385-1167), Assistant: Mark Doran, Manager: Eric McEntee (eric.mcentee@yahoo.com / 802-349-4355) – Monday, 6-7:30 PM, Vergennes Union High School & Thursday, 5:15-7 PM, Middlebury Union Middle School

U17 Boys D2 / PREMIER:
Coach: Rider MacCrellish (ridergear@rocketmail.com / 802-989-0100), Assistant: MK Charnly, Manager: Kim Palmer (dumdydum@comcast.net / 802-349-7560) – Tuesday & Friday, 6-8 PM, Vergennes Union High School

U18 Girls D1 / PREMIER:
Coach: Peter Maneen (pmaneen@anwsu.org / 802-388-2204), Manager: Ingrid Peterson (ipeterson@smcvt.com / 802-363-3800) – Tuesday & Thursday, 6-8 PM, Vergennes Union High School


U8 players will receive a team t-shirt, provided by AUSC. U10 – U18 players can purchase their uniforms at Soccer.com. They are available to order as soon as we submit the teams for registration in mid-February. Please wait for a confirmation email from Soccer.com so that all the uniform numbers are correct. For uniform questions, email our coordinator.