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Registration runs mid-summer through the fall and is typically closed by the end of November.  Coaches like to start forming teams in the fall having assessments in November.  Team registrations and rosters are submitted to Vermont Soccer Association (VSA) in early December for Division 1 and February for Division 2 & 3.  Preseason training, Sunday at the Vergennes Union High School,  starts in January and ends the end of March to early April.  The season starts with training at least twice a week starting in April.  The league matches begin May and are played into the end of June.  Teams play one or two matches each weekend, and most teams also play in one to three tournaments depending on the age group.

Remember those growth charts that measured your children’s heights at different ages? Create something similar each sports season, measuring their progress, just as you did with the growth chart, against their former selves.

Addison United Soccer Club – “Playing Up” Policy

Addison United strongly encourages players to play only within their age group and discourages playing in the next higher age group.  Higher-caliber players playing within their age group have the opportunity to provide leadership to their peers while benefiting from the constraints imposed on the game for players their age.  For example, the maximum number of players allowed on the field during games differs across age groups, and the length of the games varies, too. Both are in recognition of the players’ maturation process, as well as the psychological effects of playing with and against players who are the same age.

Exceptions to this policy are at the sole discretion of the Coaching Directors.  A player may be asked to attend the tryout/practice for the higher age group, if and only if there are roster shortages at that higher age level.

Players may not be offered a spot on a team in the next higher age group due to a variety of factors. As such, no explanation will be given if a player is not offered a spot on the team in the next higher age group and attended the tryout/practice for the higher age group. The player’s participation in the correct age group will not be affected.

*Addison United holds the right to move players into another age group or division if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the club.

US Youth Soccer: Changes coming to youth soccer in 2016

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