Futsal, Session III – U14-19

Futsal Session III for all our U14-19 players.

Session 3 Dates:

Important Notes:

1. Double Header: There will be 1 doubleheader each week since there is an odd number of teams in the league. This game labeled ‘Double Header’ under the Match #. If your team has 2 games that night, the result from the first game counts toward the standings, but NOT the result of the 2nd. If your team is only playing 1 game that night and the game is labeled ‘Double Header’, that means the other team is playing a doubleheader and the result of that match DOES count toward your record. The result of the 2nd match does not count toward a team’s standing because not everyone will have a doubleheader over the course of the session.

2. Playoffs (7th Game): You will notice that there are only 6 games currently listed on the schedule. The 7th game (playoffs) will be added after the final match of the session when seeds are calculated based on your placement after the 6 regular-season games. It is one single game, with the top 2 seeds playing for the championship. ALL teams will get a playoff game. These games will be on Tuesday, April 16.

3. Electronic Waivers! All NEW players must complete the following electronic waiver. This is a one time per year thing, so if they played S1 or S2 they are all set. Players will not be allowed to play if they have not completed this! LINK TO WAIVER

4. Footwear! Please make sure that your players know that only indoor specific footwear may be used on the turf (no outdoor cleats or shoes). We recommend turf shoes with the little rubber studs on the bottom, although indoor shoes (flats) may be used too.

Absolutely no gum, food, outdoor footwear, or sports drinks allowed on the turf surface! Please help us keep this space clean so that we can continue to use it for years to come.

We’re excited for a great session.