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2021 Travel Program Registration Details By Age Group

Registration Link:

The “Travel Program” is the new fancy name for what we’ve been doing the last few years, with a few exciting updates…including more ages….and lower cost across the board!

I and the coaching staff will be meeting with each group in early November to discuss add on options.

We want our program to be affordable for all the kids in Addison County. As always, we have scholarships available. Please get in touch and we’ll walk you through it.

Included for all groups:

Winter Training – Shelburne Field House – Sundays, starting Dec. 6
Training Shirts
Outdoor Training – 2x/week, starting as soon as possible in the spring
Vermont Soccer League play – early May to late June


Age Group Specific Details:

U19 – Birth Years 2002-2004 – $400
($450 after 11/15 if roster spots are still available)

U16 – Birth Years 2005-2006 – $500
($575 after 11/15 if roster spots are still available)
Also includes Memorial Day Tournament, Essex United Tournament, Session 3 Futsal

U14 – Birth Years 2007-2008 – $500
($575 after 11/15 if roster spots are still available)
Also includes Memorial Day Tournament, Essex United Tournament, Session 3 Futsal

U12 – Birth Years 2009-2010 – $300
($325 after 11/15 if roster spots are still available)
Also includes Essex United Tournament

U10 – Birth Years 2011-2012 – $250
Also includes Vermont Soccer Association Jamboree in late June.

Futsal is BACK!

Just when you thought you’d get a breather from soccer, Futsal returns!

Session I is starting in a few short weeks.
Sessions this year are 6 weeks long.

For those interested in Session I here is a link to register:

For anyone who DID NOT play this fall, you’ll need to create a new user to register in the new system.
When you register, you’ll go on the waitlist. Once we’ve got enough for your team, we’ll move you from the waitlist and your payment will be processed.

Leagues – Days – Times – Session I
* U10 Boys & Girls – Fridays, 4:15-7pm – 6 Weeks
* U12 Boys & Girls – Fridays, 4:15-9pm – 6 Weeks
* U14 Boys – Mondays, 7:15-9:30pm – 6 Weeks (Nov 2 – Dec 14)
* U14 Girls – Thursdays, 6:30-9pm – 6 Weeks (Nov 5 – Dec 17)
* JV Boys – Tuesdays, 7:15-9:30pm – 6 Weeks (Nov 3 – Dec 15)
* HS Boys – Tuesdays, 7:15-10:45pm – 6 Weeks (Nov 3 – Dec 15)
* JV & HS Girls – Thursdays, 6:30-10pm – 6 Weeks (Nov 5 – Dec 17)
* No games Thanksgiving week/weekend (Nov 22 – Nov 29)

Any questions – get in touch.

AUSC Newsletter — August 2020

View our current newsletter here

Coming off the heels of a great Summer Session, the excitement continues!
Register for our fall program now

In this Newsletter:

Club News
Summer Roundup
Fall Program – Registration is Open!
Winter/Spring Travel Program – Registration Opening next week
Part 1 of New Website Implementation
Community Partnership Program

Soccer Out!
NWSL Challenge Cup
MLS Is Back Tournament
European League Champions
UEFA Champions League

Community Corner
Help Aiden Gebo
Submissions Needed
Volunteers Wanted

Summer Program – Week 2 Updates!

We’re looking forward to another great week of soccer.

Remember that we’re all in this together, and continuing to follow the current health and safety guidelines (full details on our website) is what continues to make this all possible. Based on last week, we’re doing great, so let’s keep it up!

There is still plenty of space for interested players, so please sign up here:

Here are a few updates for you all:

#1 – Just a reminder that if for any reason you’re feeling uncomfortable – Stay Home. And if you’re already there playing, please feel comfortable leaving. We want you all there, yes, but most importantly, we want people to do what is right for them.

#2 – Effective July 1, we can have up to 75 spectators at events (provided they effectively distance), which is part of the reason we’ve scheduled friendly matches. That said, I’ll continue to discourage people from hanging around at our training sessions. For all the things Morse Park is great for (the fields, the views, the nice walking path), it’s not great for sitting and watching training sessions or games. With few exceptions, people watching are effectively either on the playing field or blocking part of the walking path.

#3 – Please please please don’t park on Pond Rd. We’re going to be able to open some parking in the Morse Park lot, including some overflow parking, so this should alleviate some of the parking challenges.

#4 – If your player is showing any signs of respiratory illness, or you believe they may have had exposure to COVID19, keep them home and notify me. This is important.

#5 – Drops offs should go much more quickly this week and moving forward. The biggest hold up last week was ensuring the health forms were signed. Going forward, if I need a health form signed I will reach out to you individually.
Players are able to self certify their health when they arrive, so we’re at what is a close to a normal drop off protocol. players do have to continue to wear masks to and from the car, since they’re potentially interacting with everyone.

#6 – We’ve got friendly games set up for this coming Sunday, July 5 for most of the groups. I sent more detailed information on times and locations in an email this past Saturday morning. I’ve gotten a great response so far, but keep those responses coming if you want to play but haven’t emailed me back yet.

See you out there!

Chris George

Director of Coaching
Addison United SC


Check out this recent interview

Hi Everyone,

Check out the recent interview I gave.

The interviewer, Guilherme Speranza helps run NG Academy in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and helps Brazilian players find the right fit and then make successful transitions to playing in college here in the United States.
The main focus is on helping provide some information for his Brazilian players looking to come and play college soccer here in the USA, but there are plenty of interesting insights for players….including some not so secret keys to success….

See you all soon!

Addison United SC – Season Update!


Hi Everyone,

Big thanks to those of you who have sent videos and tagged us in your own Insta and Facebook soccer posts!  Keep them coming!

I wanted to give you a quick update on the season.

We’re still planning on having it!
(but on a delay)

Based on the current guidelines, we are unable to do any group activities, including practices, until May 1.  We hope we will be able to get outside and play that first weekend in May.

We do have some substantial updates to the schedule though.

For the U12 & older teams:
We will not be playing in the Saratoga May Day Kick-Off tournament on May 2-3.
The VSL will not start as planned in May.
With the uncertainty, the VSA is up in the air about what that might look like.
The high likelihood is that our “league play” will be in June & July, and maybe into August.
We are still planning to go to Green Mountain Challenge in Manchester in late June.

For ACSL (U8 & U10 groups):
We are still planning to move forward with our 6-8 week schedule, starting as soon as we can get outside.
Once we know for sure what that looks like, I will be in touch with details.

Please keep an eye on your email and our AUSC social media channels as we’ve got some fun stuff planned for these outlets.

We’re still looking forward to a great season, and will keep everyone up to date on the schedule as much as possible, and as soon as we have updates.

If, based on the current uncertainty surrounding everything from a schedule perspective, you are no longer interested in Addison United soccer this spring/summer, please get in touch.

One last important note.
We were recently notified by the VSA that a U16 boys player from one of the Chittenden County clubs that was playing futsal has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
He is doing fine, and currently not at risk for serious complications, but is being quarantined in his home. He wanted to pass on to everyone, particularly his peer players, that it is a big deal and anyone can get it or pass it on to others even if they don’t feel sick, so he asks that everyone stay out of public places and stay home. (If you have any questions about this, please get in touch)

Stay safe, stay healthy.
We’ll get through this together!

Hope to see you all May 1 or soon thereafter!


Chris George / Director of Coaching
Addison United SC


Addison United / VSA Suspends all activity now through APRIL 30th

Effective immediately, the Vermont Soccer Association is suspending all affiliated and sanctioned soccer activities statewide through April 30, 2020, due to the evolving COVID-19 situation. For our member organizations (towns, clubs, and leagues) this includes, but is not limited to: all games, practices, clinics, training, tournaments, in-person meetings, and Coaching Education Courses.

For further information, please go to:

We will have further information out to you all soon about how we hope to move forward with the soccer season (check your email and the website).

Thank you for your patience!

Stay healthy and happy!

I’ve got a challenge for you!

I hope everyone is staying home, keeping their distance, and staying safe and healthy.

As a club our top priority right now is community health, and we’re following the most current and up to date guidelines on what that looks like.
As you may have heard, the Vermont Soccer Association has extended the suspension of soccer here in Vermont until April 15th.

I do realize this leaves the big question – “What’s going to happen with this season?”

Right now, we’re continuing to prepare for a great spring that starts at about the same time as it usually starts for us as we get out onto the fields in mid-April.
The coaches and managers will keep you up to speed on scheduling as it relates directly to your team.

Of course this can change at a moment’s notice. And if it does we will let you know.

In the meantime, get outdoors and get on the ball!
And if it’s cold and you’re stuck inside, use one of those extra rolls of toilet paper for juggling like the pros are doing for their #stayathomechallenge videos.

My challenge to you all is a simple one – just get on the ball!
No matter what you’re doing, take a quick video of it, and let’s get it out there for the world to see.
To get it to me, you can text or email.
Or better yet, since you all follow us on Insta or FB, post it there and tag Addison United.
It doesn’t matter what it is, just show us your best stuff!

Here is my favorite YouTube channel for individual ball work videos, called Fast Feet Home Soccer Workouts.

Lets see those moves!


Chris George

Director of Coaching
Addison United SC


25th Green Mountain Challenge: June 20-21st 2020, room reservations

Since the Green Mountain Challenge isn’t until June 20th, we are hopeful this tournament will play as planned.

Please see the information below with the link to make your room reservation. At this time, since we do not know the schedule, so you should book your room for Friday and Saturday night (6/19-21). Disregard the cancelation policy. No one will get penalized based on timing if they’re following whatever the most current and appropriate guidelines are for COVID19. There is an Extenuating Circumstances Policy for travel in place and you will receive a full refund if the event is canceled because of the current crisis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with Chris George directly:

Stay happy and healthy!


LODGING INFORMATION: Both Okemo and Stratton offer many types of rooming options from standard to suites that sleep many.

Okemo: Okemo will offer a discounted rate to all GMC families and players. To book a room at this rate use the following code GMAGMC0 when calling to make a reservation or by going online here:

Stratton: Stratton will offer a discounted rate to all GMC families and players. To book a room at this rate call them and let them know that your here for the Green Mountain Soccer Challenge 2020 or you can book online here: