Board of Directors

Jen Wyman, President

Sandra Lee, Vice President

Andrew Dombek, Treasurer

Jenn (Lomax) Hedling, Secretary

Sue Hameline, Registration

Matt Neffinger, Parent Liaison

Kevin Hayes, Director of Coaching & Training

Peter Maneen, Director of Coaching & Training

Reeves Livesay, Director of Youth Development, U8-12

Lou McLaren, Uniform Coordinator

David Croke, Equipment & Field Maintenence Coordinators

Questions, email us at

We will have an AUSC Board meeting each month starting November 2016 until July 2019, on the 2nd Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the Vergennes Union High School library.  Anyone interested in attending is welcome and encouraged to join us.

With the establishment of the AU Board in 2015, we will need to start looking for interest from potential board members for the next terms.  Please let us know if you might be interested in a committee/member at large position or a specific board position.

Board positions:

Officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Coaching and Skills, Parent Liaison

Committees/Members at large: Registrations, Public Relations/Marketing, Website (WordPress), Social Media & Calendar, Event Planning & Fundraising, Sponsorships, Team Management, Uniforms Coordinator, Field Maintenance, Equipment.

There are also many other projects that need attention that does not require you to have the knowledge and skill of the sport or need you to be involved throughout the season.  You can plan to help when you have the time in an area of your expertise or liking.  Volunteer

Please contact us at for a copy of the agenda for our meetings. The agenda will be drafted by the Monday before the meeting.  And, the meeting minutes will also be made available on the Friday after the meeting.

If you do plan to join us, please check this page for any cancellations or date, time, or place changes:  Board meeting info