Board member job descriptions

Addison UNITED Board of Directors positions and job descriptions – 2019-2020


President: Matt Neffinger
● Board Chair – Presides at all meetings. Subject to the control of the Board of Directors.
● Program Director – Works with Director of Coaching to create and manage the club program.
● General supervision, direction, and control of the Club business and officers.
● Oversees all committees.
● Main point of contact with VSA and attends all official meetings.
● Ensures proper management, financial stability and continued growth of AUSC.
● With the Board of Directors, creates the Club vision.

Vice President: Sandra Lee
● Acts in the absence of the President with the same authority
● Team Manager Coordinator – Works and trains team managers to ensure proper team organization and communication
● Parent Liaison – Main point of contact for parents for club related issues. Reports parents’ issues to the Board.
● Scholarships, and overseeing the volunteer aspect related to those scholarship players.

Secretary: [OPEN POSITION]
● Keeps minutes of Club meetings.
● Maintains the official records of Club meetings.
● Creates meeting agendas and disburses to all Board members.
● Responsible for general communications to all Board members.
● Receives Club mail and directs it to the appropriate member.

Treasurer: Andrew Dombek
● Maintains adequate and correct accounts of the properties and business transactions of the organization, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, capital; receipts, disbursements, gains, losses surplus and any other accounts.
● Deposits all moneys in the name of and to the credit of the organization at least monthly.
● Disburses funds of the organization pursuant to the annual budget approved by the Board of Directors.
● Provides financial reports at the Board of Directors meetings.
● Renders to the Board of Directors, whenever requested, an account of transactions and the financial condition of the Club.
● Works with an accountant to file annual tax returns.
● Maintains all corporate records and ensures good standing with the State of Vermont.
● Maintains financial records in GotSoccer, and sends out invoices when registration payments are past due. Reports past due registrants to the Board.


Director of Coaching: Chris George
● Creates and implements a Club Program under the direction of the Board.
● Player Development – Creates and implements a training and game curriculum for all age groups, in line with the club vision (includes tournaments and youth recreation program).
● Coaching Development – Creates and implements a coach training program in line with the club’s vision. Recruits & supports coaches and provides educational opportunities to help them become better teachers of the game.
● Works with coaching staff on team composition and determines an appropriate level of competitiveness.
● Point of contact for players/families for coaching-related issues. Reports parents’ issues to the Board.
● Practice and Game fields – Works with coaches and Field Coordinator to schedule practice field locations and times.
● Review the VSA schedule and reports to VSA and coaches any scheduling conflicts.
● Works with the coaches and VSA to resolve scheduling conflicts.
● “Stacks” games on GotSoccer (assigns games to fields).
● Competition – Works with coaches to select tournaments and league competitions for all age groups. Register for tournaments.
● Provide coaches clinics before winter training.


Registration Coordinator: Sue Hameline
● Organizes and coordinates the registration system. Creates programs in GotSoccer. Reports player registration data to the Director of Coaching.
● Communicates registration deadlines to parents and handles issues with registration.
● Ensures all player documentation is in place, including birth certificates, registration info and player passes.
● Reports transfers/drops to the Director of Coaching and the affected coaches.
● In conjunction with the Director of Coaching, maintains a waitlist of players.

Web Site Coordinator: Josh Romond
● Keeps web site current with the latest program materials and any other necessary changes.
● Generates newsletters, blogs and calendar updates for the community.

Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator: (Lead. 2-4 committee members), Jen Wyman
● Creates marketing strategy and advertisements
● Outreach to area businesses for sponsorships
● Implements other fundraising programs
● Responsible for club social media.


Field Coordinator: (Lead. 2-4 committee members), Matt Neffinger will work with the Director of Coaching
● Ensures all age groups have home game and practice fields.
● Works with schools and other organizations to get permission and/or rental of fields.
● Works with the Director of Coaching to schedule practice and home game fields.
● Works with the Director of Coaching to schedule home game fields.
● Responsible for field lining and ensures fields are mowed and playable.
● Communicates to the Coaches and Director of Coaching when fields are not playable.

Uniform Coordinator: Lou McLaren
● Receives uniform sizing and quantity information from GotSoccer registrations and Coaching Director recreation program estimates.
● Assigns numbers to players
● Orders uniforms and distributes to coaches
● Reports ordering information to the Treasurer.

Equipment Coordinator: David Croke
● Purchases and distributes balls and other soccer equipment to teams, in accordance with the approved budget.
● Reports ordering information to the Treasurer.
● When necessary, purchases new goals and other assets under the direction of the Board.
● Maintains equipment in a secure location during the offseason.

Grassroots Coordinator: David Turner
• Responsible for planning, developing and implementing the grassroots advocacy involvement of the Association’s membership. Assist with member engagement and recruitment efforts through grassroots organization.
• Gather feedback and promote for AU in each active town in Addison County.
• Middlebury Panthers liaison