2018 AUSC Raffle

Each player was given 10 tickets to sell this season to help support our scholarship fund, coaches training, additional player training/clinics, and equipment.  They should be a breeze to sell because the prizes are awesome!  We will be able to do many great things for our players next season if we each sell at least 10.  Your help is appreciated!  Thank you!!!

  • If you have sold all your tickets, please turn the tickets stubs, money/checks, and the Raffle Information sheet filled out to Elin Melchior, Jen Wyman, Dustin Hunt, or Jenn (Lomax) Hedling, or mail to: AUSC, PO Box 181, Bristol, VT 05443.
  • Contact elinmelchior@gmail.com or 802-989-3634 by text with questions or for more tickets.


Addison United Raffle Information