Monthly Archives: March 2017

Socks for 2017 uniforms!


So I have good news and bad news. The original socks we chose as our uniform component were sold out until April 15…  We had hoped that they were basic enough to find anywhere else. The black were…the white was not. So we switched the style of both and color of the white. So we are all set…wait for it….

The new socks are still back ordered in certain sizes. But you can find these socks at DICKS, and I’m sure other sports stores and websites. Here are the socks for you to reference.

We apologize for this… This is the second year that socks have been an issue. If you have ordered them, you can email or call customer service at or 1-800-950-1994 and cancel the original ones. If they have these in stock for you, they will substitute them in. There should be no extra costs anywhere.

Happy Sock Hunting.