2017 Tournaments

Team Tournaments:

Represent yourself, your family, and the Club every time you play. Consider yourself a Club ambassador every time you step on the field, whether it is for Addison United, your school, Vermont Soccer Association/League, etc.

The coach is responsible for managing players during games. The referee is responsible for ensuring that the rules of the game are enforced. Parents are spectators, and they are expected to watch the game and cheer not only for their own child but all of his/her teammates. Measure your son or daughter’s success not by wins and losses, but by performances and progress.

We are not in the business of telling the parents of our players how to be parents. We are here to mentor better soccer players and help develop their skills. As parents, you can have a positive effect on your child’s development, BUT you can have a negative one as well (whether intentional or not). Be aware and follow each tournament’s rules and guidelines.  We expect our players and parents to follow the rules, or you will be asked not to participate.

*Players must have parental supervision at tournaments to participate.

PREMIER Team Tournaments:

*Addison United will save blocks of rooms at nearby hotels for teams traveling to tournaments.  Your Team Manager will let you know when and where to make your reservation.

U12 Boys – Divison 1, Coach: Kevin Hayes, Assistant: Dan Gilbert, Manager: Lynn Kayhart

U14 Boys – Divison 1, Coach: Ward Butler, Assistant: Brady Burgess, Manager: Jen Wyman

U14 Girls – Divison 2, Coach: David Turner, Manager: Sandra Lee

U16 Boys – Divison 1, Coach: Jen Clark, Assistant: Mark Doran, Manager: Eric McEntee

U17 Boys – Divison 2, Coach: Rider MacCrellish, Manager: Kim Palmer

U18 Girls – Divison 1, Coach: Peter Maneen, Manager: Ingrid Peterson

CLUB Team Tournaments:

U8 Coed & U10 Boys and Girls:

U12,14 Boys and Girls:  Will chose 1 Vermont Tournament:

U16 Girls: