2016/17 Program Fee Schedule, Payment Processes/Policies, and FAQs

2016/17 Program Fee Schedule

The Addison United Soccer Club Board has approved the fee structure for the upcoming season CLUB Level and PREMIER Level programs.  Since the inception of Addison United, our philosophy has been to keep the cost to our players and parents at a minimum. This belief continues. We are proud that our cost is still significantly lower than many of our club counterparts.  Many clubs in Vermont have registration fees 50-75% more than AUSC for similar packages. Here is a link to the 2016/17 Addison United Fee Schedule and 2016/17 Addison United Program Descriptions

The registration fees cover the cost of fields and maintenance, coaches training, equipment (such as nets, balls, paint for the fields, flags, goals), Vermont Soccer Association fees, insurance, tournament registrations, and much more. Addison United Soccer Club is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All of its Board Members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for their time.

Payment Process/Policies and FAQs

Payment Schedule:

  • August 15th – November 6th: Open Registration; $50 non-refundable registration fee per player due at sign-up to cover VSA fees, GotSoccer fees, and administration fees (fee is included in total cost of registration).
  • November 6th: Full Payment Due, unless automatic monthly installment payment selected (fees apply). New registrations waitlisted, $25 late fee applied to all late registrations.
  • January 15th: No new registrations accepted after this date.
  • March 15th: Paid in full deadline with automatic monthly payments by credit card through GotSoccer.

*** Space is limited! First come, first served due to team roster maximums.

Payment Policies – Payment policies will be strictly enforced. Families can check their balance through GotSoccer. $50 non-refundable registration fee covers administrative costs (fee is included in total cost of registration).  All payments are non-refundable after the first Club activity (training/practice, game, or tournament) is played because we have committed costs for each player: roster space, coaching time, and field rental/equipment. If families are late with their payment, then a $25 monthly late fee will be charged to their account, unless other arrangements are established.  Players must be paid in full by March 15th unless on a payment plan authorized by the Club. AUSC asks that all families stay on top of their accounts.  For more information: Return of Fees Policy

Payment Processes – Players may pay online through GotSoccer.com. Player’s balances can be accessed directly from their GotSoccer accounts. Pay in Full by November 6th to avoid additional fees, or make automatic monthly installment payments and pay the total in full by March 15th.  If you opt to pay monthly automatic installment payments, there is a $3 per month installment fee for CLUB Level registrations and a $5 per month installment fee for PREMIER Level registrations. Using GotSoccer is the fastest and easiest way to keep your family account updated and accurate. This will be the primary way of accepting payments. Families may also pay by check.  If a family chooses not to pay by credit card via GotSoccer, then a $25 handling fee for every payment made by check is added.  Please send all checks to the AUSC mailing address – PO Box 181, Bristol, VT 05443.

Unpaid Fees – Players with fees that are past due (+15 days) and have not established a payment plan or requested a scholarship by the due date will be placed in bad standing until their financial obligation has been resolved.  A player in bad standing will not be rostered, issued a player pass, or participate in practices and/or games.  We ask families to communicate directly with us promptly to work out any financial issues.  We do not want to be put in a position to not allow a player to play.

Monthly automatic installment payments are available through our GotSoccer registration.  Registrations must be Paid in FULL before March 15th.  If you opt to pay monthly automatic installment payments, there is a $3 per month installment fee for CLUB Level registrations and a $5 per month installment fee for PREMIER Level registrations.

We do NOT send out mailed statements. Your player’s account information can be accessed at GotSoccer.com.

A limited scholarship program is available for families requiring financial assistance. Go to this link for details on scholarships – Scholarships

Dual – Sports Participation Policy – Student/Athletes tend to be active and engaging individuals. Personal preferences are often hard to make since interests vary. Parental and peer pressure can lead to anxiety about choosing the best activity and performing at the best level for the athlete. This can lead to scheduling difficulties, arguments, and below average performance in activities that should be fun and stress releasing. With that in mind, we would like to provide an easy way for athletes to set priorities and still participate in as many activities as are healthy and fun.

If you are a parent and your student/athlete wants to participate in two or more activities that may have conflicting schedules, discuss the concept of setting priorities and how splitting time and energy between two events can adversely affect their performance in each. Once the priority is set, then discuss the decision with the coaches of each team and discuss whether it is the best interest of the team to have a part-time participant on the team. If everyone agrees, the coach should set expectations about practice time, game time, and set goals for the activity that are reasonable based upon the level of participation.

It is the policy of the AUSC that athletes who want to participate in AUSC activities, (practices, games, tournaments), do so with the expectation that they will do so with the mission and philosophy of the club as stated at addisonunitedvt.com.

It’s important to note what is NOT COVERED in the fee structure.

  • Monthly installment fees and late fees.
  • All Uniforms (about $50-75/player) are available through Soccer.com, except U8 players who will receive a team t-shirt. We are in the second year of a uniform cycle. This means that if you already have a uniform, and it fits, then there is no need to purchase a new uniform.
  • Spirit gear or team apparel.
  • Lodging, meals, and/or other expenses for travel of players, parents, and family members.
  • Indoor soccer leagues (Futsal), except for those who are participating in the Premier program; Futsal session III is included in the program. If teams are interested in playing sessions I and II of Futsal, then the additional cost will vary depending on team numbers.
  • Any additional tournaments, Academies, or camps as well as other special training programs not specified in the package description.

 Did you know…

  • Addison United Soccer Club is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Your donation is tax deductible!
  • Your registration fees cover equipment costs, Vermont Soccer Association fees, Insurance, Referees, Field Rental and Maintenance, and much more. These expenses add up to more than $58,000 per year!
  • The Board Members are all volunteers who donate their time to help make our Club strong and sustainable. If you are interested in joining the Board, please let us know. Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged.
  • We have numerous Sponsorship opportunities to help keep AUSC affordable to families in our community. Please contact us if you or your business wish to support AUSC. (Sponsorships are tax deductible.)
  • Many players do not have the resources to pay the registration fee for club soccer. AUSC offers scholarships to those who qualify. We feel every player should have the opportunity to participate, regardless of financial means. You can make a tax-deductible donation to our scholarship fund!
  • AUSC sends their coaches to training to help provide our club with the best coaches in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about Futsal?

At this time, AUSC will not be offering Futsal except for those registering for the Premier Level. Should we have enough interest and players, we will be happy to help organize an AUSC team at the Club Level (players would be responsible for paying the additional registration fees).

If I sign up for Premier Level, will I play on the Premier Level team during the spring season?

If you make the commitment to enhance your abilities throughout the fall and winter, you will have a spot on the roster for the Premier team in the spring. However, playing time at this level is based on skill and is determined by the coach.

A player may be encouraged to play at the Club Level during the spring season, in order to get more playing time. If applicable, our coaches will discuss this option with you at the end of the November-April technical training, to help you make that decision.

What technical soccer training is included in the Premier Level package?

Fast, stable technique makes soccer players successful in matches. Great tactics go nowhere without great technical skills. Specified exercises, training sessions, and scrimmages can help your player to be even more successful on the field and can add significantly to the team’s success. Stronger skills build confidence and lead to enhanced game performance.

How do I register a player with AUSC?

You can register through our website at: Player Profile & Registration.

What age group should I sign my player up for?

Beginning on August 1, 2016, US Youth Soccer (USYSA) has instituted a birth-year registration mandate. Visit: Age Designations

What if I think my player should play in a different age bracket?

Addison United Soccer Club has adopted a “playing up” policy, which will be strictly enforced. You can see this policy by visiting: Age Designations

What if I cannot afford the registration fee?

Addison United soccer club believes all players should have the option of playing club soccer. A scholarship application can be found at Scholarships

Are there tryouts for Addison United Soccer Club?

We do not have tryouts. However, we do have limited roster spots, and once those spaces are filled, a player may be put on a wait-list until a spot is available.

Where are practices and games?

Because Addison United draws most of its players from Addison County, we make every attempt to hold practices and home games on our fields located in Vergennes, Ferrisburgh, Bristol, and Middlebury. Away games are determined by the Vermont Soccer Association schedule, which is released at the beginning of the season. These games, excluding tournaments, are mainly located in Central and Northern Vermont locations.

I missed registration. Can I still sign my player up?

Depending on our rosters, there may be an opening. Please e-mail us (mailto:info@addisonunitedvt.com) to see if one is available. Late fees may apply.

Link to: Addison United 2016/17 Fee Schedule and 2016/17 Addison United Program Descriptions

Finally, Addison United Soccer Club is a non-profit organization. An important component of our yearly budget consists of fundraising efforts and sponsorships. We are keenly aware that participation in club soccer puts an added strain on a family’s budget, but ask that you consider assisting in fundraising efforts at any level at which you are comfortable, or ask your employer to sponsor our Club.

If you have any financial concerns or meet with financial challenges, please contact us immediately. It is your responsibility to contact us to discuss your account and make alternative payment arrangements to avoid the discontinuance of your child’s soccer experience.